About Me

Louise Roach

Louise Roach

I started my yoga practice in 2000, mainly as a form of exercise, but soon found that yoga had many additional benefits, particularly as a way of stilling my constantly chattering mind and as an aid to relaxation. Over the years I have tried many forms of yoga (including Hatha, Iyengar, Astanga, Dynamic Flow, Sivananda). In 2009, I started teacher training with Triyoga, to deepen my practice and understanding of yoga, under the tutelage of Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. Having completed teacher training and gained accreditation with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2011, I moved to Epping from the City and have been teaching in Epping and the surrounding areas since.

The Hatha Yoga that I teach concentrates on the alignment of the postures (asanas) and working with your personal physical edge, to enable students to focus on their bodies and enable their minds to relax and let go of the stresses of the day or week. I teach both men and women at all levels.

Traditionally, yoga has been taught on a one to one basis and the guru would have taken into account the student’s ability, age, state of mind etc. whilst teaching. Following this tradition, I believe that yoga should be taught in small classes where the teacher and student can develop a trust and understanding and the teacher can provide individual attention to each student and tailor the class for them. I therefore only teach private classes or group classes with a maximum of 6 students.

I fell in love with India during my first visit in 2005, where I travelled around north India for 5 weeks and returned two years later for 4 weeks to visit south India. I have since been back a further three times to Mysore and Goa where I have practiced various forms of yoga, but mainly Astanga Yoga.